Nostalgia Audio Systems

1. Sphere as a standard of sound

A bit of theory…

The main types of acoustic design have remained unchanged for more than 70 years, all progress is reduced to the selection of materials and a more accurate computer calculation of the «case — speaker» connection.

There are more than 10 types of acoustic design, the task of which is to «correctly» direct or absorb sound waves emanating from the rear side of the diffuser, since these waves emerge from the speaker in antiphase and tend to absorb the waves emanating from the front side.

According to the generally accepted opinion of experts, for example, the books «Technique of high-quality sound reproduction» by N. E. Sukhov et al., «High Performance Loudspeakers» and «Acoustic design of loudspeakers» by M. M. Ephrussi, spherical design has a minimal effect on frequency response distortion (graph — a).

The less distortion of sound, the less strains the human brain when processing incoming sound information, and the less a person gets tired of listening, which is important if you demand maximum productivity from yourself during the day.

frequency response charts

The project is dedicated to eliminating the main disadvantage of spherical housings — their high cost.

2. Construction and materials

A compact home audio system, codenamed «MDE«, which stands for Morning Day Evening, has been developed to test the technology of manufacturing spherical body audio systems, which means that the system can be used at any time of the day for various tasks: alarm clock, listening to music, podcasts and radio broadcasts.

The completion of the development of the MDE system will allow the patenting of the technology for creating low-cost, acoustically correct custom audio enclosures that have wide potential in home, office and public use in creating music systems for cars, motorcycles and yachts through tightness and the ability to customize the design and character of the sound.

MDE prototypes created:

A special manufacturing process based on the minimization of technological operations and the use of recycled materials in the elements of the audio system housing will provide cost reduction and low cost for such devices.

The sphere-shaped speaker cabinet will be made from a proprietary composite material to provide accurate, quiet sound that won’t fatigue even with long listening sessions.

The composite material has a resin matrix and is reinforced with a glass-fiber-sand mixture with additives (talc, flour and starch) to form the required balance of hardness and viscosity necessary to dissipate sound waves going in antiphase from the back of the speaker cone.

3. Provide choice

Nostalgia AS is not only about quality sound. Along with saving endangered animals listed in the Red Book, it is necessary to protect the values of audio equipment in the budget segment from the encroachments of marketers of large companies that have taken place in recent decades, whose goal is not to give you the joy of listening to music, but their own enrichment. These companies replace your dreams and needs for joy with empty promises in an advertising booklet written by people who don’t know anything about you, they just want your money.  

The goal of the project is to provide what you have long wanted, about which you have already begun to forget. 

It’s not just about nostalgia for a happy childhood, which must be treated as seriously and carefully as possible. It is important to preserve the unshakable values of affordable quality, which are now being attacked by disposable and low-quality goods on store shelves. 

Calendar plan

In accordance with the freedom of choice, tasks can be completed in different quarters, but all must be completed in 2021.

The key stages of the schedule are creating a business plan, preparing a presentation for investors and receiving letters of guarantee from potential buyers.

Target audience and project features
  • Transparent pricing. It will be easier for the buyer to make a choice if he knows what he is paying for. Nostalgia will disclose price formation.
  • Attention to every detail. The buyer must see and know what he pays for, what he buys for the thing. At the same time, the choice of components, even such as the fasteners used, must be reasoned and understandable to the buyer.
  • Accuracy and workmanship. There should be a high culture of production, attention to every detail. It is difficult to overcome the stereotype that quality is always expensive, but necessary. To do this, it is enough to realize that “screwing on the shelf has exactly the same price as screwing it crookedly”. Purpose: to make high-quality sound more accessible.
  • Provide a choice. In the audio system, the electronics and speaker housing will be housed in independent housings, making it possible to create different front panel designs without increasing the price.

4. Manufacturing standards

In an effort to reduce the price as much as possible, it is inevitable to create their own standards (which is what Nostalgia will do) and deviate from world production standards. In this aspect, it is important not to make mistakes, six of which are presented below.

Major mistakes in RnD
Financial waste

There are only a few companies in the world that are able to carry out RnD projects… read more…

Unreal product

Even competent leaders say this phrase «90% of startups fail»… read more…

Wishful thinking

If everything is done according to the standards… read more…

Failure to meet deadlines in the plan

Terms of work are systematically indicated without taking into account the occurrence of force majeure… read more…

Change of priorities

Don’t mix and replay a project in full swing… read more…

Not optimal control points

The quality and price of your product will only weigh on two things… read more…

In order to avoid mistakes when developing standards, in 2019 the project was tested at the competition of business accelerator A: START of the Novosibirsk Technopark.


5. Availability of execution options

The starting model of the project can be presented at the buyer’s choice in different versions, for example, with a side and bottom arrangement of the electronics unit:

Project financing

The project has been developed since 2017 at the expense of the creator’s own funds. As of January 2021, own funds in the amount of 350 thousand rubles were invested in: the development and manufacture of non-standard parts of prototypes (milling work, casting in silicone, laser cutting and bending of sheet metal); website creation, business cards; purchase of electronic components; purchase of materials for the composite, business trips to determine the requirements of potential investors and participation in business accelerator A: START.

It is required to attract investments for the first year of the official work of the company 3 million rubles in accordance with the business plan, which will soon be presented.

Donations for the development of the project

At the moment, due to lack of funding, the project is frozen. It is in your power to help the development of the project and the implementation of the work plan.

10,00 $

Additional a page on the site «I will collect» has been launched for financial assistance to the project.

Khakhalkin Vladimir

Vladimir V. Khakhalkin

Researcher, Engineer and Programmer

I have an excellent ear for music and therefore at the age of 10, listening to tape recorders and turntables, I could tell at what frequencies they have dips, distortions and resonances. Audio engineering is a hobby of life, dozens of read encyclopedias and thousands of articles have resulted in the Nostalgia project, which I predict will become the first in the formation of the ambitious term «Russian sound».

A specialist with 10 years of experience in the creation and implementation of advanced composites in production. Candidate of Technical Sciences, author of 14 publications and 3 patents. Participated in the formation of the Electronic Government of the Russian Federation. He worked in the civil service and conducted official negotiations with foreign partner companies (for example, FCT Systeme GmbH), as a result of which, warm relations remain even after the completion of joint work. He was engaged in the creation of a vascular implant in the Angioline company. I am currently working on two projects:

I will advise you on the choice of audio equipment for free and make you a pleasant company while listening. Managers are not always objective when selecting equipment for a client; they can impose a product that needs to be sold, and not which is the best choice for you. I have no such restrictions, but I need to expand my circle of acquaintances, and you need a technique that pleases you.

Novosibirsk, Russia

Tel. +7 913 817 15 22

Tel. +7 953 785 87 47

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