Friends, I am pleased to present Nostalgia MDE,

where Nostalgia is the name of the future Russian audio equipment manufacturer, which has passed the first stage of concept development and is now at the stage of creating a prototype, business plan and attracting investments, and MDE is the starting model of a home stationary audio system, in which the quality / price ratio will be on the new level due to a reference balanced production chain and the use of specially developed composites. The MDE will sound correct and not fatiguing and will have an expected lifespan of tens of years. At the moment, the element base is in the selection process, and prototypes are being built on the basis of a Hood 1969 amplifier and a Visaton FR 10 full-range speaker.

About the project:

One person works on the project in his free time from the main work and, at his own expense, develops and manufactures a prototype.

Nostalgia is not only about quality sound. Along with rescuing endangered animals listed in the Red Book, it is necessary to preserve the value of audio equipment in the budget segment from the encroachments of marketers from global companies that have taken place in recent decades, whose goal is not to give you the joy of listening to music, but to enrich yourself. Your dreams and needs for joy are replaced with empty promises in an advertising booklet written by people who don’t know anything about you, they just want your money.

My goal is to protect you from the imposed ideals of others, to give what you have long wanted, about which you have already begun to forget.

It’s not just about nostalgia for a happy childhood, which must be taken as seriously and carefully as possible. The point is maintaining the immutable values of the available capacity, which is now staggered «disposable» mass consumption of goods on store shelves.

The files from my project will be publicly available for some time — all drawings, files with 3D models, materials under study and a business plan. Because open access is trust, which is very scarce in our time.

About the design:

Due to the non-standard manufacturing process and the use of recycled materials in the elements of the audio system case, it is planned to ensure the lowest possible price for such devices. The use of modern, and in the future, planned unique composite materials is necessary to obtain accurate, but at the same time calm sound that will not tire with long background listening.

The body of the acoustic part is made in the form of a sphere, which is the best option for creating the right sound among all the options for acoustic design. And it is in the manufacturing technology and the composite material of the sphere that the core know-how of the MDE audio system lies. The design of the sphere is based on its own development: a shaping half-body covered with a composite of reinforcing fiberglass, polyester resin, quartz and softening additives to create, from the point of view of absorbing sound waves from the back of the speaker, an optimal balance of stiffness and viscosity of the sphere. The created sound will be higher than expected, and the price, it’s hard to believe, but lower among all the closest analogues of high-tech enclosures.

Target audience and project features
  1. Transparent pricing. It will be easier for the buyer to make a choice if he knows what he pays for. Nostalgia will disclose pricing. 
  1. Accuracy and manufacturing quality. There should be a high production culture, attention to every detail. It is difficult to defeat the stereotype that quality is always expensive, but necessary. To do this, it is enough to realize that “screwing the shelf has exactly the same price as screwing it crookedly”. Purpose: to make high-quality sound more accessible.
  1. Provide a choice. The electronics and speaker cabinet in the audio system will be located in independent buildings, due to which it is possible to create different design options for the front panel without increasing the price.
Calendar plan
  • Q3 2020: production of a pre-production prototype, design adjustments, elimination of deficiencies.
  • Q4 2020: creation of models and drawings of a serial product. Calculating the cost and estimating the volume of the issue, forming a business plan, creating and registering a logo and name.
  • Q1 2021: attracting investments, purchasing equipment for production, choosing and registering a type of ownership, concluding contracts.
  • Q2 2022: certification and registration, production launch, delivery to customers.

About me

Developer, researcher, engineer and programmer.

I have an excellent ear for music and therefore, already at the age of 10, listening to tape recorders and players, I could tell at what frequencies they have dips, distortions and resonances. Audio is a hobby of my whole life, dozens of read encyclopedias and thousands of articles gave the result in the form of the Nostalgia system, which I predict to be the first in the formation of the ambitious term «Russian sound».

I am a specialist in the creation and implementation of ultralight and durable composites. Candidate of technical sciences, author of articles and patents on the synthesis of high-density structural ceramics. I have experience working in the civil service and conducting official negotiations with foreign partner companies, as a result of which warm relations remain even after the completion of joint work. At the moment, I am completing the development of a lifelong human implant at the Angioline company (Novosibirsk).

Tel. 8-913-817-15-22

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